Sunday, April 29, 2012

Inspirational Life Quotes - Can Simple Words Really Work?

Nearly three years ago, when I was working in a mid-sized, manufacturing company in Delhi, sitting on my desk after having finished my work I was wondering what's my future in here and where will I be in the next few years? These thoughts are lingering over my mind and I was at sixes and sevens as I left from office at about 6 in the evening.

Distraught and stewed, I turned on the ignition and drive my way back to home. A car was going ahead of me. A quote was written on the back of the car. The quote was, Don't Think, Just Do It. Instantly after reading this quote I found myself with a powerful surge of courage and motivation. Immediately I parked my bike and called on to my boss. I told him I am resigning. I resigned within a week after having finished my all pending work.

After that I started my own website. The website is doing great and I am doing quite well, earning healthy amount of money, have plenty of time to spend with my family and friends. All in all, I am happy about my decision of leaving my job back then.

All the credit of my success goes to that one quote I came across the other day. I wont be able to take action and turn my dreams into reality and live the kind of life I am leaving, had I not come across that quote the other day.

So in my opinion, Inspirational and motivational Quotes really do work. They give you that much needed boost to take actions towards whatever you are trying to achieve. They fire-up your motivation and enthusiasm level which in turn help you see much more of what is possible for you and enables you to achieve more fulfilling professional as well as personal life.

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