Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Distinction Between A LIVE On-line Public sale And eBay.

Before discussing the main distinction of a LIVE (dynamic) On-line Public sale and an eBay (static) public sale, it's important to get an understanding of the two public sale sorts.

First, we are coping with products that customers need. In the case of a LIVE on-line public sale the products are normally positioned for public sale by the company who is operating the website. In the case of eBay, the merchandise are positioned on eBay by different eBay participants.

Second, within the case of LIVE On-line Auctions, the merchandise are brand new and packaged in the manufacturer's original packaging. Most products that you find on eBay are products which are not new and have been used: now not of use to the owner who wishes to dispose of them.

Third, with a LIVE Online Auction, there may be a longtime bidding increment which may not be exceeded. Usually this bidding increment is in terms of a penny (that's the reason most instances you'll hear LIVE Online Auctions being known as penny auctions). With eBay you'll be able to bid any quantity you want unless in any other case specified.

Fourth, with a LIVE Online Public sale, though they've the power to establish a reserve worth, I have never seen any of the public sale web sites use this feature although I believe that some have. With eBay not only have I seen this option being used, I've actually used it to protect one in every of my "treasures" from being scooped up for pennies.

Fifth, the cost of bidding is paid by the bidder when a bid is submitted in a LIVE Online Auction whereas eBay charges a listing charge upfront (to the vendor) after which collects a small proportion of the ultimate promoting value.

Sixth, the Buy It Now's a feature each types of auction sites use. LIVE Online Auctions use it as a means for the losing bidder to apply all the money he/she has spent in bidding against the purchase of the product. eBay users can elect this Buy It Now feature and this normally ends the public sale for that particular product (until the vendor happens to be promoting new products and has extra stock).

The foremost difference between LIVE On-line Auctions and eBay is that when the top of auction time is reached in eBay, the auction ends. However with a LIVE Online Public sale, every time an additional bid is placed during the last 10 or 15 seconds of the public sale, the auction clock is reset by an extra 20 or 30 seconds to allow all bidders the opportunity to submit one other bid. That is precisely what makes a LIVE On-line Public sale so dynamic and thrilling: the last 10 seconds makes all the distinction in the world.

Both varieties of auctions have their properly outlined online niches. eBay is probably the perfect known of all the auction web sites while LIVE Online Auction websites seem to be discovering their own loyal online followers as well.

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